Aluminium Honeycomb Expander Machine

Aluminium Honeycomb Expander Machine


 Aluminium Honeycomb Expander Machine index
Design expediting: suzhou hon praise honeycomb material Co., LTD
Equipment models: BHM502580A
applicable materials: aluminium honeycomb
Operating mode: strip type              
Type: bed type
Technical parameters:
Allow the maximum tensile length: 50 mm
Allow the maximum tensile width: 500 mm - 1800 mm
Allow the maximum tensile thickness: adjustable
The honeycomb core fastest delivery rate: 60 meters per minute
Electrical characteristics:
Supply voltage: 380V / 50Hz, three-phase five line (with protection ground.strike)
The installed power: 1.5 KW
Machine size
Length: 50 mm
Width: 25 mm
Height: 800 mm

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Brand Name:beessun  

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