Curtain Wall Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Curtain Wall Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


Curtain wall aluminum honeycomb panels of brand are mainly used for the decoration of the external walls of high-rises. These products are made of high-quality imported raw materials, and processed with high precision. Its surface employs the advanced technique of fluorocarbon lacquer pre-coil coating, wthich can keep the color unchanged for 30 years. The company has adopted bi-component polymeric epoxide membrane and bi-component modified epoxy resins and has used fully automatic compound manufacturing facilities of honeycomb panels to compound under pressurized high temperature through completely-closed and dust-free operation, which makes the honeycomb panels stickier, more bending resistant, straighter, and thus steadier and more reliable in quality.
All kinds of alloyed honeycomb panels. Such as curl panels, folded panels and trapezoidal panels, can be fabricated according to the requirements of architectural design. All the alloyed panels with non-planar surfaces, such as circulaer arc, L type and U type, are produced by one-step forming with dies. Products of the same type adopted the same coil coating aluminum rollers, thus no chromatic aberration will occur. It is a kind of organic and environmentally protective decorating material with high quality, light weight, high intensity and magnificent appearance.

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