Honeycomb Paper Pallet

Honeycomb Paper Pallet


Honeycomb Paper Pallet can be also called paper tray. It is made of LHP and mainly used for loading products and speeding up loading and unloading, especially for one-off pallet for loading export products.
Its distinctive characteristics include strong, lightweight, better outlooks, 100% recyclable, do not need to fumigate and in compliance with ISO 14000.
1 Products Characteristic :
Lightweight and Strong Loading:
Each one weights 6~8kgs and is capable bearing 2000kgs weight per square meter.
2 Good function of bend:
When loading on 352kgs weight, Honeycomb Pallet deformation is 20mm, that’s much superior than corrugated paper pallet, plastic pallet and wooden pallet.
3 Free of fumigation and disinfection:
It is non-inspection production of the country, and it also conforms to the stipulation of national non-wooden package inspection.
4 Resist high temperature and humidity:
The average rate of deformation is less than 2mm under the high temperature (50) and high humidity (90%).
Kinds of Honeycomb Paper Pallets :
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Specifications and Loading Capabilities of Honeycomb Paper Pallet
Term     Static Loading     Dynamic Loading    Specifications
SC-1     1400 - 2000kg       600 - 900kg         Two entrances
                                             Two packing holes in each side of legs
                                             43 kinds of sizes, must attach additional                            
                                             pay for special size

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