Paper Honeycomb Core

Paper Honeycomb Core


Paper Honeycomb core is made of recyclable paper through specially developed production equipment. The hexagonal shape of honeycomb core is similar to natural honeycomb constructed by bees.
Honeycomb has been used as core material in doors and furniture since 1960. Today's trend to optimize the use of wood brings new life to the industry of light weight sandwiches. The core of our company is the result of continuous development which has to let a high quality and competitive product. Its primary use is as cushion material to pack precious goods such as vases and wine bottles and fill up material for furniture and interval wall.
The parameter of paper honeycomb core is as follow:
Gram weight( g/m), resistant to break KPA,   flexibility,   tear degree degree( N/m), sizing degrees( mm), moisture( %), smoothness( S), stiffness and transparency
paper cellular thickness: 5mm / 8mm / 10mm
paper characteristics:Ordinary paper: 100 / 125g / 145g
Flame retardant paper: 160g
Generally speaking, the strength of Honeycomb Core depends on the size of diameter and weight of the core. The strength of honeycomb paper core is in accordance with honeycomb aperture dimension. The cutting height is related to paper core material.The smaller the aperture is, the smaller the height is, the better the material is, the higher the strength will be.

Customers could order special widths as well. In accordance with customer’s requirement, honeycomb core can be treated with waterproof or fire resistance.

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